Kioko and the Legend of the Plains - Muli wa Kyendo [dpsc_display_addcart]

Kioko and the Legend of the Plains

This is the story of Kioko, a ten-year-old boy whose love for animals plunges him into an unforeseen mission. The mission starts with a dangerous journey through vast, wildlife-infested plains in search of a riding bull from the Land of Cattle. Grandmother warns him that the Land of Cattle “…is very far. You walk and walk and walk until the sun sets and your feet swell so much they become as fat as those of an elephant. Then you walk many, many more days in the wil-derness, where you meet legendary, one-legged giants and cheeky spirits of the plains. You fight all kinds of fearsome animals and if you are still alive, you reach the Land of Cattle where you find the fiercest people you have ever seen!” But Grandmother cannot distract Kioko from his desire. And in the end, the boy stumbles on a fact that profoundly changes his life and that of the community.

It is a unique story that addresses issues of community relations in traditional Africa with an important message for African nations today. And indeed, for humanity as a whole. Yet the story remains rooted in its traditional folktale from which it is adapted.