Pioneering Missionaries Who Are Forgotten

Peter Cameron Scott
Peter Cameron Scott

The Catholic church nun, sister Irene Stefani Nyaatha was beatified recently  in Nyeri. But watching the much ado, I wondered why no one takes note about the pioneering missionaries of Nzaui, who in fact are credit with bringing Christianity inland to the country that came to be known as Kenya.

Peter Scott

In 1895, Mr. Peter Cameron Scott, a Scottish missionary sent from America, was so impressed by Nzaui that he returned to the US with one AIM – to start a missionary which he called African Inland Church – AIM. He put up his small church at Nzaui, the first ever in the interior of Kenya, thus opening the way for churches  such as the Catholic Church to spread their faith. I visited Kalamba, the exact place where Scott  planted his church and was amazed that the church  was still as beautiful as it was when it was first made.

History says that after hardly seven months,  Scott had established three other missions in Ukambani at Sakai, Kilungu and Kangundo.

A very committed Christian, Peter Scott managed to build the first house that measured 30ft by 14ft  that was completed on 23rd December,1895 which the five missionaries occupied.

Peter Scott’s Grave

Scott died in Nzaui- Kalamba on 4th December in 1896. I was able to visit his grave where he buried with other missionaries friends.

In my estimation, these are individuals that deserve beatification (why is that the no other Christians have saints?) for without them, possibly no other Christians would have had the courage to venture inland. If this was done, there would naturally be more tourists going to Kalamba than would be going to Nyeri. And there is much more to see in Kalamba which has remained essentially the same as in the days of Peter Scott.


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