Cultural Organizations Should Get Involved in Policy Making

Seeing the way the Department of Culture is going about making new laws on culture, it is obvious no one in the ministry thinks much of the people involved in the conservation and promotion of Kenya’s cultural heritage.

No on seeks the opinions or suggestions of those involved. If such opinion or suggestions are sought, it is the university lecturers who are asked. Yet these fellows sit in the university, earning comfortable incomes simply because they are bereft of ideas and passion for what our country and its communities stand for. What they want is money. Those of us who went to a university and are involved in culture know what we are talking about.

The largest income generating industry – tourism would collapse if there were people like us. Efforts to brand Kenya would come to nothing if there weren’t people like us.

These are only two of the reasons why we, in the culture should stand up and demand our rights. If you are involved in culture, please put your opinion here. Don’t just stay silent.

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