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The centre is essentially tasked to
promote culture through the arts
especially writing, books, dance and performances. Through its programmes, artists improve their skills, prominence and incomes.

The Centre was formally registered as a non-profit organization in Kenya (Registration No.C68284) in 1995 to encourage research. In addition to promoting culture, the Centre is mandated to offer technical and capacity building support to cultural organizations and groups. Its project, the Syokimau Cultural Centre and Museum was selected as a UNESCO World Decade for Cultural Development project. The Kenya Government allocated the centre a 5-acre piece of land to put up the cultural centre and museum. The Centre is currently raising funds for the construction.
The Centre was launched in 1994 with a promotional historical play, The Woman of Nzaui, performed at the Kenya National Theatre with sponsorship from the Department of Culture and the Kenya Cultural Centre. Since then the play has been performed in various towns with various guests of honor including the late Minister for Education Mr. Mutula Kilonzo and the late Chairman of NAU Mr. Mulu Mutisya.

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