A children's magazine written, illustrated and published by primary school children below the age of 13 years. The purpose is to educate children on how to read and write to keep them abreast of current issues.


A county newspaper with a purpose is to give voice to ordinary Kenyans so that they can effectively influence county government policies. Already the newspaper is playing its role with admirable success.


The effort is to encourage book writing and publishing as a cultural activity and as a way of preserving culture. University staff and others with academic researches are encouraged to publish them for wider circulation.

Our Mission

The mission of the Syokimau Cultural Centre is to modernize and promote African thought and culture through writing, performances and other creative arts.


Kioko and the Legend of the Plains - Muli wa Kyendo
Kioko and the Legend of the Plains

“… an incredible story with a tight plot, a character any reader will empathize with, and a wonderful lesson… a tale that is steeped in culture, that illustrates a beautiful setting, and that shows how two cultures who previously thought they were enemies can live in harmony.” – Megan Green, Writer and Children Book Expert

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Cultural Organizations Should Get Involved in Policy Making

Seeing the way the Department of Culture is going about making new laws on culture, it is obvious no one in the ministry thinks much of the people involved in the conservation and promotion of Kenya’s cultural heritage.

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Book Reading Event Succeeds

The success of our book reading event held at the Machakos ASK Show ground startled us. Scores of people turned up and it was extremely satisfying to watch parent enjoying books together with their children.

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Peter Cameron Scott
Pioneering Missionaries Who Are Forgotten

The Catholic church nun, sister Irene Stefani Nyaatha was beatified recently in Nyeri. But watching the much ado, I wondered why no one takes note about the pioneering missionaries of Nzaui, who in fact are credit with bringing Christianity inland to the country that came to be known as Kenya.

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